Li’l Robin on digital platforms

Helping companies develop digital strategies for books

Many of our publishing clients are beginning to explore the new digital platforms and how to include them in their editorial and publication process.

Li’l Robin recently teamed up with the interactive design strategist Ronnie Peters to help our publishing clients develop and implement digital publishing strategies. Our combined expertise gives clients a team that makes the best use of different publishing platforms. By developing compelling narratives and experiences, we are enabling our clients to build vibrant interactive projects and create online communities that will generate buzz, interest, and revenue.

We understand how online experiences and digital publications can effectively complement new and existing book projects, and through this, we help to build brands in a meaningful way. In this newsletter, we discuss some of the possibilities. Read More

Li’l Robin on the iPad

Helping companies develop strategies for the new platform

I recently bought an iPad, and quickly found myself entranced by the experience of it and the possibilities it presents for publishing, design, and creative invention. When I attended the conference “Magazines: From Dimensional to Digital,” I gained some insights about what the future promises.

With the arrival of Apple’s new platform, companies now have a new medium, and a world of possibilities along with it, for creating compelling interactive experiences and content. The numerous media now available—print, web, mobile phones, iPad—each have their unique advantages. The iPad has an interactive vocabulary that is different from websites, and it provides numerous possibilities for creative innovation, revenue generation, and strengthening brand identities.
At Li’l Robin, we are excited about the possibilities and are eager to work with clients
to take advantage of this new medium. Read More