Taking a project cross-platform

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Taking a project cross-platform

Our projects at Li’l Robin cover the distance between print and digital, and with advances in digital publishing, frequently involve both. Li’l Robin recently collaborated with Strategic Design Studio to develop an iPad app prototype for its client Kaiser Permanente, the healthcare consortium. SDS designed the company’s 2010 annual report and wanted to show its client a new way to approach its 2011 annual report: producing a printed report in conjunction with an iPad app.

We based the design of the app on the printed piece, but added platform-specific interactivity that expanded the experience, including audio (a message from the CEO), video, slideshows, and interactive charts with additional information.

The creation of an app was especially appropriate for the Kaiser Permanente annual report and its targeted audience in the healthcare industry; the added interactivity demonstrated a personal touch and level of commitment on the part of the company to engage its constituents.

Content increasingly needs to be cross-platform, utilizing the advantages of both print and digital. This year alone 35 million iPads and other tablet devices will be sold, and for an audience that is ready to get its information via tablet, experiencing content with a touch or swipe offers a new level of interaction and connectedness. This interactivity can be part of an overarching strategy or more project-specific.

To create the Kaiser Permanente app we used the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which allows print pieces and apps to be easily and economically translated across print and digital formats without the need of a developer to create special code. Adobe’s Single Edition technology gives users the capability to create one-off apps for annual reports and other specialized pieces.

Digital publishing presents unlimited possibilities for showcasing information:
• Charts and diagrams can be expanded.
• Content can be localized to reflect what is happening in the reader’s area, or to appear in other languages.
• Stories can be told through video and slideshows.
• Various levels of messaging can be utilized—for instance, an organization’s members can access specific information, while other sections can be tailored to the general public.

Moving from print to digital allows users to experience content in a whole new way—making your message clearer than ever. To learn more about our strategies to create content cross-platform, contact us.

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