Designing a Better Reading Experience on Screen

Custom web fonts provide a smoother reading experience. Image: Communication Arts.

Scanning lines of type as we read is so natural we rarely think about it. For designers, guiding the reading experience through typography is a precise skill combining the tight control of typesetting with the expressiveness of font selection. As publications move online, this sense of control can be thrown out the window (or browser, as it were), as how something looks often depends on the end user.

Of course, print has had hundred of years to evolve in a way that works best for readers. By comparison, online typography has had to play a hasty game of technological catch-up as publications and readers have quickly moved online, new generations of screens have higher resolutions, and type designers have had to find ways of making new fonts accessible, but not stealable. It’s no wonder the physicality of letterpress has made a comeback.

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Li’l Robin, formerly Anke Stohlmann Design, featured in Brand Identity Now!

Helping companies define their message with design


A belated Happy 2010. I am pleased to begin the year by sharing news about a wonderful new resource in brand building with you. Taschen recently released “Brand Identity Now!,” an in-depth analysis of leading brand and communication campaigns from around the world; and we are honored to have our work – two identity systems we designed for clients MaxWax and The Chipper – featured in the publication alongside case studies for the Obama’08 Election campaign and The Museum of Art and Design’s new identity.

We believe the book shows prime examples of how branding works: Design is a complement to a company’s brand message – a visual translation of a company’s personality, its messages and actions. In sync it will evoke an emotional response and create confidence in the company while clearly differentiating it from its competitors. Read More

Li’l Robin at the 2009 Alpha Awards

Celebrating Design that Matters

Li’l Robin (formerly Anke Stohlmann Design) recently completed a project I thought you might be interested in. I was delighted that we had the opportunity to design the invitation and event program for The Alpha Workshops’ 2009 Alpha Awards, an honor given to members of the design community and others whose work has touched the HIV/AIDS community.

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